Sunny & Jess (and Bella)


When you hire Deep Blue Photography you are not getting the Weekend Wedding Warrior who shoots weddings on the side of a full time job.  You are getting the two of us Sunny & Jess, full time photographers who will make your wedding our number one priority! 

All the pictures you see on our website, blog or Facebook page are actual couples during actual weddings!  We do not show off 'stylized shoots', we do not show pictures of hired models. We show real couples during real weddings who are really in love!

We offer complimentary engagement sessions with all of our full day wedding packages, which gives us an opportunity to get to you know you and helps us prepare more fully for your wedding.  We also offer complimentary rock/trash the dress sessions in case you wanted to take even more pictures the next day on a much more laid back schedule.  

We are a well oiled photographic machine! We have photographed all but one of our 50+ wedding commissions together since 2010!

We operate our business from our home - we do not run a studio.  This helps keep our overhead costs down, and allows us to focus on perfecting our wedding skills.  

We are a newly married couple and we know and understand what it is like to plan a wedding.  We are not only there to photograph your big day, but prior to the wedding we will do our best to help you plan, organize and prepare.  During the wedding we have been known to also dutifully cary out tasks as flower pinners, chauffeurs, tear driers, and friends.  

…And of course we are fun! – any time photos are taken everyone should be having fun.  We want you to have fun, let loose and show us (and the camera) who you really are – goofy smiles, cuddly moments and all.


My story begins in the middle of nowhere southern Alberta, where there were not a lot of things to do if one did not know how to entertain themselves – I think that perhaps this is where my love for the visual arts came from. I loved to draw, paint, build and create things, to take photographs and to capture the world around me.

I have always thought of the camera as a very special artistic tool – capable of capturing the small and fleeting intimate moments. However, it was not until I was much older that I became interested in photography as an artistic medium rather than something that was purely documentary. I love the potential for limitless creativity, for continued learning and for incredible amounts of fun and adventure.

My favorite part of being a photographer is that I am always taking pictures of beautiful, exciting and interesting things. Every day is different and every day holds the possibility for learning something new and creating something lovely.


Other than my love for my beautiful fiance, our dog Bella, and photography, I am also a huge fan of the following:

  The Edmonton Oilers
  Cold beer
  Red wine

  Animals (except bats, I don't like bats)
  Epic road-trips
  Board games

I was born and raised in Wetaskiwin Alberta (no, I don't know if cars actually do cost less there) and have been living in Edmonton since 2002.  The first 'real' camera that I remember taking pictures with was my parents old Canon A-1, and when my parents sold the house we grew up in I managed to snag the camera (and awesome retro camera bag) and have had it ever since. 

I love the high pressure, intense and emotional commitment wedding photography entails and I sincerely hope that you enjoy our work and consider us for your big day!

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